We ask for credit card details to secure the following bookings:-

*Any booking greater than 5 people

*Any booking on a Friday and Saturday after 4:30pm.

We ask for card details to secure all bookings on Friday/ Saturday evenings and Sunday lunch, in addition to special days such as Mothering Sunday, St Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve. As well as any tables larger than 5 covers. All bookings on these days that gives us less than 24 hours notice on cancellations may be charged £10 per person.

If you do wish to cancel a booking, we only accept written cancellation in the form of an email to m.card@donttelltheduke.co.uk.

Please note, due to the demand on Friday and Saturday evenings after 5 pm, we do not take any tables larger than 4.  If you are looking to book a  large party on Friday and Saturday, we would only take a booking at 5pm.

If you would like to book a large party at Don’t tell the Duke on a weekday, then we do ask for a pre-order. This increases the speed at which your party gets served and therefore makes a more enjoyable night for all concerned.

Now that’s enough of the serious stuff, get yourself booked in and we will see you on Bank Street in the not so distant future.