Welcome to the Don’t Tell The Duke, inspired by some of the our favourite restaurants, bars and cafes in London, Manchester and New York.  Sounds real poncey doesn’t it? Sorry not sorry. What are we all about? Well I could give you all a super generic write up with buzz words like ‘unique’, ‘innovation’, ‘opulent’ & ‘exciting’, but I am sick to my back teeth of reading that junk when I go on a restaurant’s website.  I want to see some character and almost get a feel of what the place is like without being there.  If only the internet was more developed….

Our Commercial ‘About Us’ Brief in a nutshell would be:- we are a unique day and night time haunt to service the locals of North Leeds with Innovative dishes and opulent cocktails- Wow, I pretty much sold my soul there.




The Aussie brunch wave has hit the UK in a big wave over the last 4 years. Healthy and stomach filling food- well we are flipping that on it's head. Although we always use ethically sourced meat, we want you to enjoy it without feeling like you are watching your waistline- you have Filmore and Union for that round the corner.

Our Runny Scotch Duck Egg, Pancetta & Sweet & Sour Tomato Chutney on Sour Dough is a personal favourite of mine. But fear not steak lovers, all our steaks and sharers are still available from 12pm daily.

Coffees- we have imported a tip top machine from Nuova Simonelli in Italy and Maude coffee are our suppliers based under the arches in LS1. They roast all our their coffee in house and are undeniably the best coffee company in Yorkshire.


Steaks and sharing boards are still our number one priority and therefore more emphasis has been placed on their quality as we have reduced the amount of diners in the pre booked restaurant from 40 to 16.

16? What a big jump hey?!

Well there is still another 30 seats for walk ins so the less organised of us need not fear- we are still wanting to be renowned for our food and our greatest asset is our reputation for terrificly high quality local ingredients.

Well we have recognised that there are no casual dining venues in Wetherby and therefore we increased this space to holding a capacity of 45. So whether it’s grazing on starters whilst sharing a few bottles of rouge or having a catch up with the girls over Prosecco and burgers- we want to be known as the Number 1 destination for top notch atmosphere & our intention is to make the area proud of it's vibrant local ethos.
Our bar 120 different spirits, 60 wines and 14 draught lines- with a good mix of Motown, Disco & 80S to keep you grooving until 12am every weekend.